From Unconscious to Conscious Love

Introduction to Family Constellation

Workshop between 3 to 5 days

Family Constellation is a method that helps us find peace and reconciliation with the members of our family, or anyone with whom we are closely related. We learn to understand the underlying cause of any relationship problem, and discover that we are deeply connected to the collective energy field of our family or culture, and how this shapes our behaviour and our decisions in life. The often unconscious bond towards our parents and family members spans many generations and is at the root of most suffering. Traumas that our ancestors suffered often continue for generations.

With the support of other course-members we create a constellation, which is a dynamic portrait of our family field. It reveals the degree of intimacy, pain, love, or sense of abondonmet that everyone feels in relation to the others, and exposes unconscious identifications and ’entanglements’.
In the work we learn to move beyond judgement and to consciously open our heart to excluded or forgotten family-members. We practise how to stop interfering in the lives of others and how to not take over responsibilities that are not ours. Thus we gain wholeness, inner strength and learn to find our place within the family system and in life in general. This is the way to grow up from the blind love of a child to the mature love of a conscious human being. It also leads to a meditative lifestyle, an inner centering, where love arises from our ability to be alone and joyful. Now we no longer need to repeat the suffering of our parents or ancestors, while at the same time we are full of gratitude towards them.

The new approach to Family Constellation is less a therapy in the usual sense, as we move beyond the idea of improvement, but rather acknowledge the ’isness’ of life. Only then spontaneous growth becomes possible. While acknowleding past traumas and supporting inner healing movements, we connect to a deep ’yes’ to our parents, family members and partners as they are. Only in the depth of acceptance can we find inner peace and harmony.
The insights of Family Constellation not only heal the individual, but also serve the healing of wounds between nations, religions and social groups. However, real peace begins in the soul of the individual.

This group is designed to help participants become aware and go beyond unconscious energy patterns that they took over from their families as children.

“You carry the whole of history in a chain, in your heritage. In your eyes, in your colour, in your face, in your hair, in everything, you are not alone. And there is no way to be alone here. The only way is to be connected to a link in a chain.”
– Osho