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This book aims to give a profound understanding of what personal and collective trauma is and what serves healing. A somatic view is combined with a systemic approach and many case studies, guided meditations and exercises make the theoretical explanations tangible.
The process of trauma healing is examined not only in a psychological, but also a spiritual context, recognizing that trauma does not only need to be a destructive, but can also become an awakening force.
The author throughout the book includes his personal healing journey after losing his wife in a tragic accident. In this way the book does not only speak to the reader’s intellect, but also reaches him on a feeling level, because only there can real healing take place.

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“Successful therapy completes something of the past, psychologically and physically. It restores a person’s capacity to be more in the present and available to move forward in life.
Having processed and integrated a painful history effectively, a person develops strength that he would not otherwise possess. Now a true ‘yes’ to life is possible.”



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Three different books, available in different languages. Also available as downloads.



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Interviews with Svagito and “The Zen Way of Counseling” Training Introduction.



Article on Family Constellation & Trauma Healing and Osho Therapist Training.

Meera´s Art

In memory and deep gratitude to my beloved Meera I have created the Meera Art Foundation
that will take care of her paintings and her work. You are welcome to support or contribute.


Watching her art will provoke in you joy, silence, love and give you a taste of no-mind.