Working with people

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Working with People

The Spiritual Dimension of ‘Helping’

In these 5 days we examine our role as a ’helper’ and what helping or healing mean, not from an ordinary standpoint but in a spiritual sense. Our approach is based in meditation and in an understanding that real help is without effort, without intention and connects a person to a deeper truth within himself, which leads out of the identification with mind into a state of relaxation and alertness.
Healing happens through our ability to be present and in a loving space with another person. Because of our past conditioning we often act from a blind love that wants to save the other. Conscious love is unmotivated and has a deep respect for the other and his life destiny.
This course gives anyone in the helping profession – or those who plan to work in this field – a chance to deepen their understanding. Svagito will respond to those who have personal questions about their work with clients and what can support healing and well-being. There will be guided meditations, demonstration sessions, supervision and some practical exercises.