Working with People

Training with Svagito

This is a training program of 6 modules of 5 days each, where participants learn principles of working with people from a space of meditative presence. Specific skills will be taught that are essential for anyone wishing to work with people in different fields, whether as facilitator of Family Constellation or other therapies, whether as social worker or in any other helping profession. Essentially we develop an understanding that real help is effortless and without intention and it connects a person to a deeper truth within himself, which leads out of the identification with mind into a state of relaxation and alertness.

While using western methods of psychotherapy this training is based in Osho’s vision of spiritual transformation. We learn how to support such transformation in ourselves and in others.

Module 1: Presence and Mindfulness

Meditative presence is a state of embodied alertness that is the basis of anyone wishing to work with people, because only in such a state real healing becomes possible.
In this module we practise to find presence in ourselves and learn to recognize and support those moments in the interaction with a client. This implies to understand the meachanism of mind, desires, projections and how conditioned beliefs and ideals create filters that take us away from the present moment reality.
In our practise sessions we use communication skills that support self-awareness and learn to distinguish spontaneous action that arises out of presence from goal oriented action that arises out of desire.
When there is no goal and no doing in the ordinary sense a session giver functions as a catalytic agent for helping a client to come out of dreams and desires into a state of presence, where problems are not solved but dissolve.

Module 2: Love and Relationship

Experiencing authentic love is the basis of all healing. Because of past conditioning our so called love is often mixed with demands or we unconsciouly try to save the other. It lacks the quality of restfulness and respect for the other and has its origin in unresolved bonds to our parents.

In this course we learn to stay more connected to ourselves when we relate to others and how to overcome old patterns. Using a Gestalt model we explore the relationship to our parents and to love partners and learn how such relationships can flow more harmoniously. We unlearn wrong beliefs about love and reconnect to its essential meaning and this way allow ourselves to grow in love.

As our approach will not be technique-oriented, participants will be able to apply their new skills and insights to a wide range of different sessions and situations where they are in a position of helping people. We practise session giving under supervision and develop compassion towards a client that comes out of an empty heart.
Our work is based in the understanding that relationship is a lesson to learn about love.

Module 3: Inner Man – Inner Woman

Based on the insights from module 2 about how relationships work we look now at the relationship between our inner man and woman.
Through various meditations and guided exercises we discover how our inner male and female sides relate to each other, who is dominant and takes too much or has too little space in our life. We explore their unique nature and what would help each of them to find their authentic expression in our life. Ideally they both have space to express themselves and in this way become satisfied. Unhappiness or frustration is usually the result of one side not being heard or seen and this is often projected on our love partners. Once our inner relationship becomes more balanced our outer relating also finds a new harmony.

Happiness can be found by following one’s own inner impulses and this eventually will lead us to finding a work that we enjoy and a creative expression that fulfills.

Our insights will help us to work with a client in a way where we can now nourish his being and individuality rather than supporting his dreams, desires and ambitions that are part of his personality. We will crystallise and dissolve personal problems around life issues such as relationship, work and meditation.

Module 4: Body and Emotions(Pulsation)

In this training course we learn to release physical, emotional and psychological tensions caused by early life conditioning. We include insights from the approaches of Reich, Lowen and Kelly, who worked through the body and the emotions to bring more vitality, joy and sensitivity to our life.
We use deep breathing, dance, touch, sound, grounding and other excercises designed for each specific part of the body. There will be continuous session ex-change and we learn through our own experience about energy flow, the orgasm formular of charge and dis-charge and the segmental structure of our body.
To understand the language of the body and how to support different emotional expressions while at the same time remaining in a space of watchfulness is essential for anyone, who wants to work with people in any field of therapy.

Module 5: Healing Trauma

In this course we learn to understand what trauma is, how it affects our body and mind, how to recognize trauma states in ourselves and in others and what helps healing.
Trauma is an experience where a person’s inner mechanism to respond to a potentially life threating situation is overwhelmed. As a consequence his natural ability to discharge the mobilized energy is compromised, which leads to symptoms of post traumtic stress..
This course teaches how to help the bodymind to overcome the effects of trauma, how to be in contact with resources and help our nervous system to come back to its natural state of self-regulation. We study the physiology of trauma and learn what helps a traumatised person and what doesn’t.
In partner exercises we practise specific techniques and strategies that support a gentle dis-charge of the powerful survival energy that became frozen in our body. Slowly we become capable to contain and integrate this energy into our bodymind.
A trauma that is healed becomes our strength, a trauma that is avoided destroys us.

Module 6: Vision and Creativity

In this course we explore the true meaning of creativity, how to stay connected to our inner passion and vision while at the same time learning to let go of personal ideas and mental concepts. We use exercises from the field of art therapy and apply our insights to our work with people.

Authentic creative expression includes certain elements such as
– connection to body and heart
– mindfulness
– readiness to explore the unknown and leaving rountine behaviour
– total involvement without holding back
– readiness to drop personal identity and let go into a greater reality
– openness to being disturbed
– playfulness and non-seriousness

While using different methods and exercises our focus will be to find what can help us to leave our comfort zone and discover our spontaneity and authenticity in self expression. We experiment with a new and fresh way of giving sessions that leaves behind limiting styles and concepts.

There will be also a chance for supervised session or group leading practise.