Healing Trauma

(Course in body-oriented trauma therapy)

Trauma is the result of an event that is experienced by us as ‘too much’, ‘too fast’, or in some way overwhelming. It affects our nervous system and often manifests through bodily symptoms. It limits our perception and behaviour in the world around us.

Healing requires that the emotional and physiological charge that is inherent in the response to the traumatic event is slowly and step-by-step integrated by the body-mind, so it can become part of the normal life flow.

In this course we create an awareness of the resources that are available to us and that helped us cope with past trauma. From there we allow our body to complete its instinctive and natural responses to any situation of the past that we experienced as ‘too much’.

We work in small steps so that there will be no feeling of being overwhelmed. Relaxation becomes possible only when we have the sense and the ability of being in control of our responses.

In this course we learn:

  • what trauma is and how it affects us
  • to connect to our inner and outer ressources and listen to the needs of our body
  • the steps to healing and how to find self-regulation

The work of trauma healing leads to a deep relaxation, a subtle awareness of the needs of our body and mind, and a strengthening of our ability to respond to life rather than being forced into an unconscious reaction.