Relationship Constellation

What works and what doesn’t in relationship

Working with one’s present relationship

Workshop between 3 – 5 days

In this group we will understand and experience principles of healthy relating. We will explore the man-woman relationship and examine the things that hinder or help the love to flow between partners. Sometimes this requires us to look at our original family and clarify the role we took on as a child. We may need to connect more deeply to one of our parents in order to be connected to our ‘maleness’ or ‘femaleness’. At other times we have to complete something unfinished with an earlier partner so that we are free and available for a new relationship.

We will work mainly systemically, and with the help of other group- members create family and relationship constellations. Each participant is invited – but not expected – to present personal issues from a present relationship or from his original family. We will also learn from watching and standing in other people’s constellations.

Some possible topics that can be explored:
• difficulty in creating a lasting relationship
• fear of sex or intimacy
• fear of loneliness
• jealousy
• having more than one partner
• completing old relationships
• how to separate with love
• caring for children
• abortion