Osho Therapist Training

A Two Year Process of Inner Transformation in Various Modules

Svagito and staff

International Training

This extensive program teaches all the basic skills for working with people from a space of meditation. At the same time it offers a profound, personal transformation on the level of body, emotions and mind, and dissolves life-long patterns of conditioning.

In the OSHO approach healing is understood as a result of awareness and love. The supportive atmosphere of the therapy group allows relaxation and a letting-go of tensions in body and mind. In meditation we become aware of the witnessing consciousness beyond mind that enables us to disidentify with deep-rooted behaviour patterns.

The program includes 50 training days and various trainings that are complete in themselves (58 training days including the optional module). Additional teaching, supervision and sharing sessions for OTT participants are given by Svagito, who overviews the Training. You can choose to participate for professional training, for personal transformation, or both. You can also choose to participate in the various modules in a different order and in different locations. However, it is recommended to start either with the Family Constellation or the Pulsation module.
Certification as an Osho Therapist is given upon completion of all modules and after completing 4 supervision sessions per year.

Prerequisite: Sufficient previous experience in therapy and in meditation; interview

The Training Modules:

Family Constellation Training Level 1: Healing the Roots

This training level focuses on understanding the dynamics of
• the parent-child relationship (family of origin)
• the man-woman relationship (present family)

Participants learn how to recognise the hidden dynamics in a family system, and come to understand who is identified with whom, who has been and still is excluded, who wants to disconnect from the family matrix, and so on. We work with the systemic energy field, learn to distinguish entangled from healing movements, and with the guidance of the therapist practise to observe and diagnose what the movements of the constellation reveal about the inner dynamic of each family member.
Simple, solution-oriented interventions bring awareness to the relational field and help the intrinsic love between the family members to flow again.

Some of the topics covered:
• Understanding the three systemic laws in action: Belonging, Order and Balance
• The main reasons why difficulties arise in the parent-child and man-woman relationships
• The function of conscience and the need to belong
• Resolving personal and family guilt
• The balance of giving and taking
• The victim-perpetrator dynamic
• The effects of spoken sentences that heal
• The difference between ‘blind love’ and ‘knowing’ or ‘conscious love’
• The interrupted movement to the mother

Family Constellation Training Level 2: Beyond Family

In this training we explore more complicated issues and their underlying family dynamics, like addiction, abortion, adoption, sexual abuse and others. We also look at what is at the source of many sicknesses and bodily symptoms, and how to work with them systemically.

Participants will learn how to facilitate Family Constellation sessions, following the understanding and observations of the systemic field and the movements of the representatives. The role of the facilitator and his inner attitude will be examined, and we explore how to help the intrinsic love of a family come through and to find solutions to many kinds of problems.

Some topics include
• Recognising and supporting healing movements (‘movements of the soul’)
• The interview before a constellation: how to gather relevant information
• Constellations in individual sessions: working with symbols
• Steps to setting up constellations
• When to end or interrupt a constellation
• The functioning of systems other than family systems (such as work teams; organisations; the body as a system)
• Practise of constellation work

The movement within the constellation that takes us ‘beyond family’ and ‘beyond blind love to conscious love’ is part of an inner growth process that brings the individual in deep synchronicity with life itself, and into real and joyful aloneness. Only out of that true capacity to be alone can a healthy relationship become possible.

In this training each participant will experience and understand family conditioning and have the opportunity to put up his own constellation. We will also learn by watching and taking part in other participants’ constellations. The process of this work will be made transparent as the therapist explains step-by-step what is happening within each constellation and how the source of love can be found.
We include the latest findings and the most recent approach of how to work with family systems.

Pulsation: Neo-Reichian Breath and Energywork

(7 days)

Through a lifetime of repressive conditioning in our families and our societies we have learned to control and deny our real feelings and cut off from our bodies and from our life energy.
Pulsation has its roots in the techniques of Wilhelm Reich, which were meant to loosen physical, emotional, and psychological blocks caused by early life-conditioning. In this course we learn to express our feelings rather than fight with old tensions; allowing them to melt through acceptance and awareness. We rediscover the polarity between activity and resting – the natural ‘pulsation’ of our energy.

We work with Neo-Reichian breathing, grounding exercises, eye release, sound, touch, dance, and with various meditations, to unlock deep energies that originate in the belly, the emotional energy of the inner child, and the sexual energy of man and woman. As we start more and more to ‘pulsate’ with this life-energy and melt into it, our old fears and contractions begin to disappear without any effort. Aliveness, joy, ecstasy and creativity are our birthright.

Our study includes Osho´s vision of the ´bodymind´, Reichian theory about the segmental structure of the body, the physiology of energy flow, and the effects of trauma.
Participants will exchange guided individual sessions designed for specific parts of the body.

Counseling Skills and Relationship Dynamics Training

(Level 1 and 2)

This training outlines the principles of therapy that is based in meditation. It gives therapists and those in the helping professions — or those who plan to work there — a chance to enhance their skills and broaden their approach. In Osho’s vision, we use therapy to clear the ground for moving more deeply into meditation. This helps us break out of identification with the mind into a state of relaxation and alertness.

On a training level, participants will learn how to respond to the needs of the client’s inner being and to distinguish between individuality and personality. The art of session-giving consists not only in understanding the root of a problem, but also in knowing how to balance confronting a person’s defenses with nourishing his essence. When this is achieved, insights from a session can be integrated easily and the therapist becomes more of a friend than a guide.
As there will be a continuous exchange of sessions under supervision, participants will also have the opportunity to crystallise and dissolve personal problems around life issues such as relationship, work and meditation.

Even though we will teach certain techniques, like Gestalt work, our approach will not be technique-oriented. So everyone will be able to apply his new skills and insights to a wide range of different sessions and situations wherever he or she is in a position of helping people. Real transformation and healing happens not from what we do so much as through our ability to remain present and loving.

We will cover the following topics:
• Communication skills that support self-awareness
• Finding presence in oneself and supporting such states in a client
• How and when to encourage emotional expression
• Recognising and working with projection, resistance and desire
• Estimating what could transpire during a session
• Responding to different clients with flexibility
• Understanding the dynamics of relationship and the principles of healthy relating
• Working with and balancing the polarity between inner-man and inner-woman

In the second level of this training we focus more on dicovering the true nature of our inner male and female energy and what would help them to find their authentic expression in work, and in life in general.

Advanced Training: Family Constellation and Trauma Healing

Training Level 3 (8 Days)

This advanced training is open for everyone who has completed level 1 and 2 of the Family Constellation Foundation Training. It deals specifically with refining our skills in working with people, and teaches concepts and strategies to help body and mind to heal, and to renegotiate the effects of trauma and states of shock in human life.

While Family Constellation helps us understand how, in the relational field of a family, we take over the traumas of others, we add now a complementary somatic approach, mostly stemming from the work of Somatic Experiencing. Here we learn how our body responds to traumatic events, and how to support our body to find healing and self-regulation again.
In this approach we focus on bodily sensations, and mobilise the powerful survival energy that got frozen in the nervous system. By working on the physiological level, insights from a constellation can be integrated and absorbed more easily and any re-traumatisation can be avoided. In traumatic stress our nervous system is affected, and reacts in a way that is beyond our control. Unless we reach to that level of the body where the energy charge is tied up, help the body to slowly come out of a frozen state, and integrate that freed energy, no lasting healing is possible.

By combining two approaches we will gain a more profound understanding in dealing with family systems and with the system of the body. We become more sensitive about how to prepare a client for a constellation, and gain new skills to help a client overcome symptoms of posttraumatic stress. On a personal level we find a deeper relaxation for ourselves, strengthing our ability to respond to life and to feel competent and capable again in relationships and in all kinds of life situations.

Creativity Training: Spontaneity, the Uncut Diamond

(optional module of 5-8 days, lead by Meera Art Academy Team)

Spontaneity is the key for working with people andfor relating with people each moment without preconceived ideas. In this section participants will learn to awaken and deepen their creative energy through painting. They will learn how to be more rooted in their original and authentic self through playing with colours.

Art is not the aim, but the means to get in touch with one’s original self, the uncut diamond within. Then, whenever one meets people out of this space, there will be a bridge from being to being. One’s sharing will be of spontaneity and of innocence.

Working with People

The Spiritual Dimension of ‘Helping’

In these 5 days we examine our role as a ’helper’ and what helping or healing mean, not from an ordinary standpoint but in a spiritual sense. Our approach is based in meditation and in an understanding that real help is without effort, without intention and connects a person to a deeper truth within himself, which leads out of the identification with mind into a state of relaxation and alertness.
Healing happens through our ability to be present and in a loving space with another person. Because of our past conditioning we often act from a blind love that wants to save the other. Conscious love is unmotivated and has a deep respect for the other and his life destiny.
This course gives anyone in the helping profession – or those who plan to work in this field – a chance to deepen their understanding. Svagito will respond to those who have personal questions about their work with clients and what can support healing and well-being. There will be guided meditations, demonstration sessions, supervision and some practical exercises.


Upon completion of this training one has aquired basic tools to work as a holistic counselor or coach or facilitator of systemic counseling. Further training and specialisation in certain areas may be needed and depend on the personal backgound of each participant. We offer the possibility for supervision, internship or being part of the assistant team of future trainings.