Pulsation: Neo-Reichian Breath and Energywork

(7 days)

Through a lifetime of repressive conditioning in our families and our societies we have learned to control and deny our real feelings and cut off from our bodies and from our life energy.
Pulsation has its roots in the techniques of Wilhelm Reich, which were meant to loosen physical, emotional, and psychological blocks caused by early life-conditioning. In this course we learn to express our feelings rather than fight with old tensions; allowing them to melt through acceptance and awareness. We rediscover the polarity between activity and resting – the natural ‘pulsation’ of our energy.

We work with Neo-Reichian breathing, grounding exercises, eye release, sound, touch, dance, and with various meditations, to unlock deep energies that originate in the belly, the emotional energy of the inner child, and the sexual energy of man and woman. As we start more and more to ‘pulsate’ with this life-energy and melt into it, our old fears and contractions begin to disappear without any effort. Aliveness, joy, ecstasy and creativity are our birthright.

Our study includes Osho´s vision of the ´bodymind´, Reichian theory about the segmental structure of the body, the physiology of energy flow, and the effects of trauma.

This is also the first part of a training program for those who want to study Pulsation and want to learn to work with it. Participants will exchange guided individual sessions designed for specific parts of the body.

“My approach is: experience what energy is. You are energy, so you can go with the energy wherever it goes in deep trust. Then the whole of life becomes orgasmic.”
– Osho