The Male – Female Polarity

In this group we explore the true nature of our inner male and female polarity. Often we are identified with one side while the other remains hidden, withdrawn, or even dominated by the other. By exploring which of our actions in our daily life is rooted in desire, tension and effort, or in relaxation, joy and innocence, we start to gain an understanding of whether it is our male or our female side that has authentic strength and is capable of love. Now we become clear about which side needs to be given more space in our life, and we can start to implement changes in our relationships, our work and daily routine. The outer and the inner mirror each other.
Sometimes what we thought of as strength is really coming out of fear, and what we judged as weak might be our real treasure. What we thought of as love might turn out to be just the avoidance of our loneliness, because real love is born out of meditation.

Through guided meditations we come to understand what it means to be in the flow of life, and with the help of some basic Gestalt techniques we gain insights into what healthy relating looks like. We will further explore specific qualities of our male and female sides to find out which is capable of love and if they can find their expression in work they enjoy. When we don’t judge, instead letting each side grow on its own, peace and a silent joy follow naturally.