Principles of Leadership and Success

(Systemic Constellations)

This course teaches the intrinsic laws that operate when people work together in a team, organisation or business. By understanding the systemic structure of a team, company or market one can identify directly the roots of a problem, for example, why the company is not booming, customers are drifting away, or innovation and creativity is at a low ebb. These and other issues can be addressed and solutions can be found.

In this course participants learn about the relationship dynamics inside a team or company, and what dynamics lead to failure and what promotes success. Success is only possible when one understands and respects the hidden laws that operate within a group of people.

Anyone in a leading function, whether in a business or in other life situations, needs to have an awareness of these laws if he wants to have a satisfying outcome and wants to work in an atmosphere that is co-operative and supportive, where everyone feels relaxed, safe, and in his right place.
Besides gaining clarity in this area, participants will also have the opportunity to dissolve personal questions regarding their work, creativity, business, or issues around money. These issues often have their roots in unresolved family dynamics that can affect many generations.

The work of systemic constellations was originally developed by Bert Hellinger and is now used with great success all over the world in the field of therapy and healing, as well as in the corporate world, for example in companies like Daimler-Chrysler, IBM and BMW.
Individuals from the group who are not involved in the problem situation are used to represent people or parts of the company, and with the help of their feedback solutions can be found.