It is in our love relationships that we experience the most ecstasy and the most pain. Because of what we were told about love and because of the close bond we had as children to our parents, we developed certain beliefs and formed certain attachments that have created unnecessary misery in adult life. The relating between man and woman, which could give us a taste of our divine nature, has often become a source of dissatisfaction, anxiety and suffering.

In this training we expose false beliefs about love, and re-discover an intimate familiarity with its true meaning. We distinguish between our conditionings and our true nature as man or woman, and clear up hangovers from the past. We find what it is that makes us weak and what it is that gives us strength enough to relate to the opposite sex from the position of an adult. In order for love relationships to work, we need to grow out of the ‘blind’ love of a child that either expects too much or wants to give too much and find a mature ground from which to relate. In truly ‘knowing’ love we clearly understand and consent to both the possibilities and the limitations of a relationship. A love relationship happens when we as individuals become conscious beings, rooted in the beauty of our aloneness. Then love brings freedom.

This training combines various approaches towards understanding the different dimensions of the man-woman relationship, and of the male-female polarity in general.

  • We use Energywork and a Gestalt model to explore the different possible ways two people can relate.
  • We work with Family and Relationship Constellations and experience the powerful effects of family conscience on our behavior.
  • We explore the energetic dynamic that happens when a man and woman meet on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • We use different guided meditations, and learn to see the other as a mirror to help us contact our own inner man or woman.

This training is for people who want to improve the quality of their intimate relationships as well as for those who have difficulties in creating lasting relationships of their own. It is a step towards transforming both the fear of loneliness and the fear of intimacy. It is also for those who work with people and who want to understand how they can best help clients who are themselves dealing with these issues.

Relationship is a koan. And unless you have solved a more fundamental thing about yourself, you cannot solve it. The problem of love can be solved only when the problem of meditation has been solved, not before it… Unless meditation is achieved, love remains a misery. Only two meditators can live in love.