Project Description

Oscar Rodriguez (Narman)

Trained by Svagito Liebermeister in Family
Constellation, Counselling, Trauma
Therapy and other topics, since 2003 he
has been assistant at many Svagito´s
trainings in Spain and India. Also trained
in Family Constellation with Peter
Bourquin and Bert Hellinger 2007-2009,
and in Organisational Constellations with
various teachers during 2006. Trained in
other therapeutic approaches and
components, such as Gestalt, male-
female energy, opening to intimacy, men
groups, channeling, etc. He has been
leading trainings in systemic coaching
since 2007, in Barcelona, Madrid,
Tarragona, Mexico, and Costa Rica, both
at Universities, Businesses Schools, as
well as privately organised. He is a
lecturer at the Master in Systemic
Coaching by the Autonomous University
of Barcelona since 2009. In 2010 he wrote
a book about systemic coaching, which is
now published in three countries. He is
the President of EURASYC, the
international association of systemic
coaching, with members in 25 countries.