Project Description

Lola De Miguel Campos

Psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience with a degree in psychology from Santiago University. Since 2003 she included Family Constellation in her work. She studied with Svagito Liebermeister, Suravi and Bert Hellinger.
Further courses:
Shamanism and Family Constellations with Daan Van Kampenhout
Business and Organizational Constellations with Cecilio Regojo
Laws of Leadership and Success at Work and Organizations with Bert Hellinger and Maria Sophie
Intensive Training in Hellinger Sciencia with Bert Hellinger and Mª Sophie
Constellations and Trauma Healing with Svagito
Constellations and Healing of Shock and Trauma with Franz Ruppert
Organizational Constellations with Gunthard Weber
Systemic Health with Stephan Hausner
She has studied a wide variety of therapeutic approaches such as P.N.L, Mental control, Transpersonal Psychology and Regressions.
She has published three books and now runs her psychotherapy practise in Barcelona and Pontevedra.