This training outlines the principles of therapy that is based in meditation. It gives therapists, or those in the helping professionsor those who plan to work therea chance to enhance their skills and broaden their approach. In Osho’s vision, we use therapy to clear the ground for moving more deeply into meditation. This helps us break out of identification with the mind into a state of relaxation and alertness.

On a training level, participants will learn how to respond to the needs of the client’s inner being and to distinguish between individuality and personality. The art of session giving consists not only in understanding the root of a problem, but also in knowing how to balance confronting a person’s defenses with nourishing his essence. When this is achieved, insights from a session can be integrated easily and the therapist becomes more of a friend than a guide.
As there will be a continuous exchange of sessions under supervision, participants will also have the opportunity to crystallise and dissolve personal problems around life issues, such as relationship, lavoro e meditazione.
Even though we will teach certain techniques, like Gestalt work, our approach will not be technique oriented. So everyone will be able to apply his new skills and insights to a wide range of different sessions and situations wherever he or she is in a position of helping people. Real transformation and healing happens not from what we do so much as through our ability to remain present and loving.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Communication skills that support self-awareness
  • Come e quando per incoraggiare l'espressione emotiva
  • Riconoscere e lavorare con proiezione, la resistenza e il desiderio
  • La stima quello che potrebbe trasparire durante una sessione
  • In risposta a diversi clienti con flessibilità
  • Comprendere le dinamiche di relazione e dei principi di sana in materia
  • Lavorare con e il bilanciamento della polarità tra l'uomo interiore e donna interiore
Questa formazione è per le persone che già lavorano con le persone in un modo o avere una sufficiente esperienza precedente terapia.
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