Gruppo leader del Skills Training

This course is open for everyone who is working with groups of people in the field of personal development or therapy and wants to deepen his or her understanding of the relationship dynamics inside the group.
We will look at how to build a supporting, loving group atmosphere, where the participants feel trust to expose themselves. We will learn and practice the art of leading open sharings in a way that takes people more inside themsleves, also looking at how to enhance a meditative presence in the room.

Included topics:
what brings depth to a group process
when and how to deal with ‘negativity’ or ‘disturbances’
the different stages of a group process, timing
responding to different ‘types’ of participants and including everyone
balance between group structures and open sharings
what gives and what takes away strength from the leader
personal qualities and ‘blind spots’ of the workshop facilitator
what to consider, when having participants of different nationalities

Our exploration will be mainly experiential. Some participants will practise leading a short group process and receive feedback.
Our understanding is rooted in Osho’s vision that a real therapist has not just to be an expert, but a friend too; not just an outsider, but a participant too.

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