Project Description

Int. Facilitators Overview

Leela Letizia Zacchetti

lives in Milano (Italy). She is a sannyasin of Osho since 1991. She has been trained for many years at the Humaniversity by Veeresh, where she lived for five years and completed the Therapist Training and other special trainings like the Aum Meditation Leader and Flushing Training. She is also trained in Family Constellation by Svagito, in Tantra, in Osho Rebalancing Massage and is a Shamanic Trance Dance presenter. Leela participated in meaningful intensive workshops such as Co-Dependency and Shamanism and her work is an integration of therapy and meditation for inner transformation. In Italy she offers workshops about emotional and energy awareness, art of relating, tantra, creative power and self-motivation, Family Constellation and also gives individual sessions of Counseling.