Beloved friends from around the world,
This is the time of Happy New Year greetings and wishes for 2023. I want to contribute with a reminder from Osho:

“The man of right intention lives a life without any tension. Look at the word intention; it is made of tension. All intention will create tension. It is made of two words, ‘in’ and ‘tension’. When your inner reality is tense, it is in tension. When your inner reality is relaxed and there is no tension – you are not going anywhere, you are not chasing anything, you are not after anything, you are just here and now, relaxed – that state of no tension or no intention is what Buddha calls right intention. Because then suddenly the universe starts flowing through you. You become like a hollow bamboo. You become a flute.”

In these times of uncertainties and fast changes, this is the wish for myself and all my friends that we become more and more capable to live in the Here and Now without any dreams or desires for the future and to be able to say ‘yes’ to what life presents to us.

In that sense have a wonderful year 2023


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Painting by Meera Hashimoto