Beloved friends from around the world,

Happy New Year or Happy Now Here!
I am in India and our whole team is busy at the moment to prepare for Meera’s painting training that will start in a few days at the Osho Resort.
Meera once showed a few of her paintings to Osho that she did in a spontaneous and innocent way thinking that they are more a joke than a real painting. Osho chose all of them to illustrate some of his books. It was a surprise to her and she said that this stayed in her as a message: Easy, no pretension, no intention, nowhere to go, nothing to do!
I also take it as a reminder to live more moment to moment without a goal or future plan. A lot to learn for me ………….especially now as we put so much energy in the Meera Art Foundation and help Meera’s immense contribution to spread. It means learning to drop too many ideas, staying open and ready for the surprise that each event brings.
  • Here are some of this year’s highlights:
  • I am very excited to announce finally the the opening of the Meera Art Museum (MAM) in Italy on May 2!
  • And just before from April 3-5 we have a Creativity Festival in Tokyo with exhibition and workshops. After that we go to the Cherry Blossom Painting Course in Meera’s hometown. Sitting under thousands of flowers and painting – an experience one should not miss!
  • From May 28 to June 1 we have another exhibition in Munich called Japan Zen in combination with a workshop on creativity.
  • And this summer we have two Painting and Art Therapy Trainings, one in Amalurra (Spain) another one in Miasto (Italy).
  • And finally another exhibition in the Modern Art Museum in Naples (Italy).
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My own courses and trainings keep changing and I am more interested to pass on the work to others and give support. In this context I will give a one week Group Dynamics Training for people who lead groups or want to start doing so.

I also have my first short online training


All my course and training schedule you can find on

In these days I am in India and I am part of a great team of painters and we are just about to start Meera’s yearly painting training here at the Osho Resort. I am grateful that this is happening again. She is still here. So even I miss her I am so grateful for all the gifts she showered on me and us.
I wish you all the best for the coming year

with love