Beloved friends from around the world,

I wish you all a new year full of learning how to lose oneself, how to disappear, because this is truly the greatest learning in life.
I am in India and our whole team is busy at the moment to prepare for Meera’s painting training that will start in a few days at the Osho Resort.
My past year has been full of challenges and many beautiful moments and even though I miss Meera always, I also feel full of gratitude for having been able to spend so many years with her and that I now can support the continuation of her work in the spirit of Osho’s vision.

We are a great team of friends in the Meera Art Foundation and organised many wonderful exhibitions of Meera’s art in so many countries throughout the year. Meera’s team including myself are continuing all of her courses and trainings and many new and old friends are joining us there to discover and develop their own authentic creative expression. I especially want to mention the Art Therapy and Painting Training in Spain from July 22 to August 4. Please visit our website or facebook page.
Here you can find lots of pictures and information about past and future events, courses and exhibitions.

My own courses have also taken a new direction and I include more creativity in them. Therapy on its own can be too past oriented and creative expression brings you closer to a vision of what you want your life to be and therefore takes you away from the past. I am also focussing my work more on essential life questions that take you beyond the small family and clarify your life priorities.

I created a new training series for working with people that includes 6 modules of 5 days each. You can find details and the schedule of most courses in 2019 on my website (it should be updated within the next 2 weeks).
If you want to contact me please send an e-mail to
with much love and all my best wishes

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