Happy New Year to all friends around the world!

I wish us all a truely New Year, a year where we can learn to be open and inviting to the new.
Osho in one of his discourses said that the new is scary simply because it is new and the mind has no way of knowing about it or controling it. Maybe that is the reason why so many people cling to the old. It feels comfortable and safe. The mind loves the old. But life is challenging us more and more in so many ways, politically, socially, economically and most of all personally, to open up to the new and let go of the old.
Travelling around so much I feel often confronted with new and unexpected situations and I can see how easy it is to get upset, when things do not go the way one has planned or intended them to go. So a lot to pratise in 2017!

Here a few updates about my programe for this year, which you can also find on my website (https://www.family-constellation.net):

In May we will have the second level of the Family Constellation training in beloved Karakaja retreat center (near Bodrum, Turkey). In June the same training will happen in our beautiful place in Spain on the Mediterranean coast and in September we will do the third level (Healing Trauma) there.
I also want to make you aware of the Counseling and Relationship Dynamics training in June right after Family Constellation, which is very helpful for anyone, who works with people or is planning to do so! I offer this training not so frequently and spaces are limited. A more advanced training on Working with People I will offer in a nature retreat center in the south of Sweden in July.

Other courses and trainings you can find on my website. Feel free to write to me for any questions or personal inquiries. If you are qualified to be a helper in any of the courses, please contact the organiser long in advance as we have only a limited number of spaces for staff members.

I look forward to meet many of you again during 2017.
Let’s spread our love and awarenes and continue to grow together. I feel so enriched to have met so many wonderful people this last year. Life has been amazing.

I send you love and joy from India, where I do my own personal retreat these days


January 1, 2017