• This book examines the roots of love in families, in the relationship between parents and children and in the relationship between men and women. It explains the laws that guide our behavior within these relationships, what leads us into suffering and what can lead us out of it; how to grow from a blind to a more conscious love.
  • This book presents a way of counseling that is rooted in meditation. It examines the core aspects of a spiritual approach to therapy, beyond method and technique, focusing on the essentials of how personal growth and transformation occur. Important insights are offered to those who are interested in combining therapy and meditation, and who want to gain personal clarity and a new vision of how they work with people. The principles described in this book can be applied to any form of therapy or counseling. Practical examples are given from the author’s own experience spanning more than 25 years as a therapist, a wide range of clients and many different countries.
  • This book is about therapy that is connected to meditation, inspired by the enlightened mystic Osho and his vision of life. For this reason, it is referred to as ‘Osho Therapy’. In this context, therapy is not just a method to solve personal problems, but also prepares and leads a person towards meditation.
  • Deutsche Version der Originalausgabe "The Zen Way of Counseling"
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